Features of 64 Slice CT Scanner

To help you better understand the technology we utilize to achieve the best imaging results for patients, here are a few of the technical details our CT scanners are capable of:

Speed and Temporal Resolution

Temporal resolution is the required time for data acquisition per slice. Comparable to the shutter speed of a camera used for photography, this acquisition time should be infinitely short in order to avoid motion artifacts on the image.

Shutter speed is everything…we refer to shutter speed as gantry rotational speed, which on the 64 slice CT Scanner is .33 ms. This means that:

  • The entire gantry rotates 360 degrees in .33 ms.
  • 3 revolutions in one second
  • 64 slices per rotation = 192 slices per second

Spatial Resolution

Refers to the degree of blurring in the image and the ability to discriminate objects and structures of small size. The 64 slice CT Scanner can identify objects less than .4 mm. The advanced computer processing allows advanced cone beam reconstruction algorithms for the elimination of artifact. This means superior detail of plaques and stenoses compared to previous technologies.